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The science of biomimetics is a methodology where industrial process take observations in nature as their fundamental core principle in developing new technology.

Observe Nature

Observe nature in its untouched state and understand the processes that ensure growth and environmental sustainability.


Improve primitive methods of mesh wiring that have failed to protect plants from livestock. Arbor Shield successfully deters livestock without harm and has been tested in harsh conditions. Environmental friendly and fully recyclable.

Benefits of Arbor Shield

Standardize Protocols

Establish a standard methodology for tree protection to complement your existing operations and integrate seamlessly.

Minimize labor requirements

Quick installation and disassembly and minimal maintenance will lower your overall labor expenses.

Customize Protection

Adjust height as tree grows, use AS strips on existing fences or combine modules for tailored solutions.

Increased Survival Rate

Provides long term peace of mind with increased rate against from animals of all sizes.

Increase Revenue

Protect income producing fruit or nut trees in areas that were not possible before to increase land yield.

Address Environmental Concerns

Shade, carbon sequestration, rainwater infiltration, reduced sedimentation, riparian buffers are some example.

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Feel free to reach out to us to work with and customize your order. Depending on your volume we can have delivery estimates ready for you immediately!

We work with all types of livestock managers, ranches and reforestation organizations. Private property and public highway systems in south west Europe have also commanded our product for safety purposed. The applications for Arbor Shield are endless!

We have been active in Spain, Portugal and France for years and are proud to announce our launch in the USA. This is a great opportunity for everybody to take advantage of our restorative technology!

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