Arbor Shield

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 12.03.59 PMARBOR SHIELD

Arbor Shield, our patented technology, is a protective web of interconnected L-shaped trident prongs made from galvanized steel intended for reforestation campaigns and regeneration of pastures, forests and groves. There are several other applications such as security in homes and public property.


AS protects plants and new seedlings against animal action, compatible with pruning, quick to assemble and disassemble and can be reused in other trees. Can be installed without pruning bushes and during any season even in dry soils.

Environmentally friend and easy to install. Reuse Arbor Shield for over 100 years!

Installation Tutorial

Installation is fast and simple! Have Arbor Shield protect your plant within minutes of receiving your product.

  • Shape from flat panel sheet to cylindric form with little effort.
  • Secure cylinder with tie wire using our handy wire tying tool that fits into any electric screw gun head.
  • Hammer down 3 iron rods to secure placement using our rod grounding tool.
  • Tie Arbor Shield to support rods with tie wire using our tool.
  • Watch as livestock is harmlessly deterred from your tree!


Deterrent Against All Livestock 

Based on the science of biomimetics, Arbor Shield mimics the deterrent effects of several plants found in nature. Similar to the cactus, who prickly spikes warn away any predator wanting to eat it (video commentary is in original language: Spanish).

The deterrent effect of the contact between the animals skin and the spikes is harmless and conditions the animal to never attempt it again. This creates a regenerative culture and respect for the environment.

Tested In Extreme Conditions

Livestock approaches AS and attempts to break into plant and eat it. Upon deflection from the spikes, the animal immediately respects the boundaries with no bodily harm done.

This is a huge improve on the current mesh wire that gets toppled over by livestock with great ease.


Arbor Shield has several other useful applications that include public and private safety. Instead of shaping in cylinders, AS can be left in panels and tied directly onto regular fencing around property in need of extra security measures. The applications are endless!